Белый Бим Чёрное ухо

This week I want to share a touching film about a loyal dog called Bim. White Bim Black ear (1977) was one of the films I watched over and over again as a child. Above all I remember the beautiful scenery and the heartbreaking story.

This Soviet film by Stanislav Rostotsky is about a setter dog who goes searching for his owner. The owner, Ivan Ivanovich, is an ex-serviceman who needs to go to a hospital in Moscow for an operation. His dog is his best friend and they spend every minute together. Bim meets all kinds of different people during his journey; caring children, cruel old ladies, helpful young men. As someone in IMBD said, the film is “about human souls and the vicissitudes and uncertainty of human nature, seen through a dog’s eyes”. The film is based on a book by Gavriil Troyepolsky. I remember reading the book couple of times too.

The film gives a great insight to Soviet people and lifestyle. As a student of Russian language I also enjoy the dialogue, because it’s very easy to follow. I think this film is not only for dog or animal lovers (and for some scenes I would actually say it’s the opposite).

I think films are essentially made to tell stories, and this film really does that.

This is one of my childhood favorites alongside with Gone with the Wind and the Bonanza series. It’s interesting to think back and see which films have stayed with you all this time. What were your favorite films when you were a child?

ps. This film might be hard to find, but you can watch it on youtube (with rather bad quality, but still..) below!

  1. Polly Balitro said:

    this film sounds like a must seen!
    it reminds me a little of Umberto D. by Vittorio De Sica –
    maybe because of the relationship human-dog,
    something that is truly fascinated!

  2. Anne said:

    Thanks for the embedded videos, It’s great to have access to films which otherwise might be difficult to find!

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