paula & karol.

or Paula i Karol, if you prefer the polish version.                                                                                                 I honestly don’t know why I haven’t written about this cheerful duo yet: it is about time!

Paula and Karol are an indie band based in Warsaw, Poland. Paula was born in Ontario, Canada, while Karol is originally from Warsaw – there are two songs in their album dedicated to their homes in fact: Ontario and Goodnight Warsaw. they are the best representatives of folk pop in Poland and they proudly supported Belle & Sebastian, during the scottish band show in Warsaw, last year.

I have come across their music last spring and I have listened to their album Overshare non stop for weeks, without getting bored. after almost one year of intense listening, Overshare is still one of my favourite albums to play on my iPod or at home – whenever I need something to cheer me up, or when I feel like expressing my happiness through music.

the artwork of the album is perfect for the happy and careless folk of Paula & Karol; the lyrics too are simple and full of positive thoughts and feelings. my absolute favourite is House Into a Home, but there is not a single track I skip when I listen to Overshare. I cannot wait for this brilliant duo to release a second album!

my advice is to start your week by visiting their website and their myspace.
then, after watching this video and listening to their music on spotify, you will certainly feel like your mood is getting better – despite the fact that it is monday morning.

Paula & KarolCalling


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