why i love Luis Márquez.

little is known to me about Luis Márquez. i don’t understand why everything about him is so obscure and ther is not even a wikipedia entry. however, i can say that he was mexican and that he was the official photographer and art adviser of the Mexican Pavilion at the 1939-40 World’s Fair. i can also say that he has produced some of the finest hand-coloured photographs i have ever encountered.

i love how his handtinting differs from today’s sloppy and sad attempts at hand colouring photographs. he is precise, a real control freak, and the detail is breath taking. back when colour film wasnt available in his country he depicts the true colours of mexican life. his folkloric photographs range fromanthropological to sometimes even ironically theatrical. it’s too bad he never managed to get them printed on postcards as he had hoped for.

  1. Explorator said:

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  2. joana said:

    i’m so happy to get to know interesting artists!
    lovely post :)

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