silje nes.

this week I would like to tell you about Silje Nes.

if you haven’t encountered her yet in your music journeys, it is about time for you to go to her myspace page and listen to Silje‘s dreamy voice:

Silje Nes is not the average singer-song writer: born and raised in Leikanger – a small town in Norway, in the year 2000 she moved to Bergen, the centre of norwegian music scene: that is where she begun experimenting at home with her soft, peculiar voice combined with a vast range of musical instruments.

while the first album Ames Room, published by FatCat Records, is a collection of experimental pieces recorded between 2004 and 2007; her newest released album Optiks, in 2010, has a cleaner sound, quite folkish, that personally reminds me of the well known icelandic artist Emiliana TorriniOptiks is quiet and dreamy – ideal to seek inspiration in cold winter days.

one last thing – before you are going to turn on your spotify to listen to Silje, enjoy this beautiful video of her performing Ruby Red – last and one of my favuorite tracks on Optiks:

Silje NesRuby Red from Blank Blank on Vimeo.

have a lovely week!

  1. She has some great tunes indeed!

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