why i love Susu La Roche.

Susu Laroche

i dont know much about Susu Laroche, except for the fact that my sister has interviewed her a couple of times, and that she is young, still alive and living in London. One of the most occult photographers on the net, because of her subject choice but also her mysteriopus nature, she is a photographer whose pictures i can look at over and over again and never be tired.

Susu La Roche

the reasons i love her are obvious. first of all she is still alive and still soooo good. in a digital world she uses only film while her photography is timeless. she is not influenced by any trends but only by what her vivid imagination dictates. her photos are black, black, dark, bleak, and seem to have the ability to put you under a real spell. every picture tells a lost story, because it’s strangely theatrical in a subtle and most real hypnotising way. like scattered images from a film i wish i could watch, a lost seance, creatures absorbed in darkness.

  1. Polly Balitro said:

    her works seems to belong to another era and her images definitely tell stories!
    also, somebody working analogue automatically gets among my favourites!

  2. amanda m. jansson said:

    ;) polly is known for good taste!

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