why i love francesca woodman.

francesca woodman was an American photographer, born in 1958. After she took, developed and printed her first self portrait at the age of 13 she kept shooting continuously to the age of 22, when she commited suicide. for most of her work she uses herself but also a few other women as models, and her own home as a studio.

now the reasons i love her is first of all the excessive output in so few years, which is a certain sign of a creative genius. the way she makes use of the same confined surroundings to create such a diversity of photos really takes an extraordinary visionaire. i am a fan of surrealism, so her influences are obvious without having to use any special effects or strange props, it’s just feels surreal to the core. then i m also pretty taken by how she uses the human body, in her case the female body. unlike most recent bad photography trying to be all muse-like and whatever her bodies actually succeed in merging with the suroundings creating a mysterious and elusive universe, in which figures are always trying to hide or escape.

by Amanda M. Jansson

  1. Polly said:

    she is my absolute favourite too!

  2. strawberry said:


  3. amanda m. jansson said:

    glad you like it!

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