Little Amazing Show, behind the scenes videos

Hi there!
Here we blog again today! I wanted to hare with you some of the behind-the-scenes videos from the Little Amazing Show ad campaign from Nokia. I think these videos are a great example of how to entertain and engage the customers/fans in the creative process behind the different advertisings published in the Nokia youtube channel and on Nokia Brandbook.

Here two screenshots from the clips:

Behind the scenes: Wind Skating

Take one car park in downtown LA. Add five pioneers in wind-assisted recreation. And let them show off their new sport, wind skating.

Behind the scenes: Gangster Ironing

We found Marciano online performing his original “How gangsters iron” clip and invited him from The Bahamas to LA to be in our film. He agreed, but like all good gangsters only if he could bring his mum.

Behind the scenes: Baseball Tricks

Josh Womack is a minor league baseball player we discovered online. We tracked him down to southern California and happily he agreed to recreate his amazing everyday for our film. However many times you watch the trick, you can’t figure how he actually does it.

Behind the scenes: Dirt Art

Most of us grow out of playing with dirt. Not Scott Wade, he is the top-drawer dirt artist. Check out his amazing everyday at

Behind the scenes: Chai Pourer

Ostentatious, acrobatic Chai pouring is an amazing everyday sight on the streets of south-east Asia. Syed Khaidir is one of Malaysia’s leading exponents of the art of pouring a cup of tea in the most difficult way possible. And no he didn’t spill a drop.

Behind the scenes: Vortex

Those little dust devils you see occasionally are a bit of beautiful everyday poetry. To make the one in our film was no mean feat. We had to build a vortex machine – an enormous inverted wind machine that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi film.

Behind the scenes: Bike Trick

We found this guy who does amazing remote parking on a bike. We got him along to the shoot and he nailed it again and again. And again.

Behind the scenes: Eggs and Bacon guy

An ex-American footballer who was once security for New Kids On The Block. He can cook. He can dance. He can serve up the amazing everyday on plate.

Behind the scenes: Sign Spinner

Sign spinning — is it a sport, an art or a science? Whichever — it’s certainly The Amazing Everyday. And unsurprisingly, our guy is one of the best in the world. (Yes there are sign spinning world championships).

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  1. Polly said:

    I adore that guy “painting” on dirty cars!

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