deadmau5, and yes, another great Nokia happening

So here we are again, almost at the end of another very very busy week with a musical blog post. My week has been so packed that I missed my goal of one post per day yesterday, but I will speed up and post a bit more in the weekend, I promise.

As some of you may have already understood, for Nokia music and products go really together, married with beautiful design.

On Monday night, Deadmau5 lit up London’s Thames riverside for thousands of spectators, as Nokia brought him on top of Millbank Tower for another amazing performance. The event was advertised quite a lot, and draw a huge crowd there. These happy people enjoyed some great live music and a stunning display of 4D entertainment, projected onto the 120-metre facade of the building. All this to celebrate the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 800.

While there’s already plenty of great video footage online from Deadmau5 fans and those who attended Nokia Lumia Live, as well as high-quality photos from the night, Nokia has also released its official high-definition video of the evening, which you can enjoy in up to 1080p Full HD.

I’ve collected it for you here:

Here are some snapshots from other live sets from him, great visuals, I have to say!

To conclude, take a look to the next two pictures, he reminds me a lot of Daft Punk folks, or am I wrong?

Good stuff.

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  1. Polly said:

    I still cannot understand how a mouse could enter a computer… ;-)

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