Some good food here and a movie tip form Japan

Hi folks :)
As you may have noticed, I am able to keep up the pace and write a new interesting post on this blog every day (or better, every night).

Since at work is messy as much as an end of the year period at work can be, you will find the new posts published very (hopefully not as much as today) late in the night.

Today I wanted to share some food thoughts. To be more precise I wanted to share you my love for the simple japanese (and japanese inspired) food, sharing some beautiful dishes and pictures from the internet.

Anyhow, sushi.
I enjoy relishing the experience of a sushi meal. I love the simplicity and regularity how those meals are composed. And at the same time it is fascinating to discover and to learn how many different interpretations and takes on this Japanese tradition exist today.

Here in Helsinki you can have sushi in dozens of places, some are very good, some others not that much but still, a variety of takes on this food that can make you wonder if you could eat always this but never getting same flavors twice.

I leave you with a couple of images. And after those you can find the trailer of a beautiful movie called “Kamome Diner” (89% on the tomatometer), it is filmed in Helsinki, and it is great in its simplicity and depth.

Kamome Diner – Kamome shokudo

Here also some nice images and mixed screen caps from the movie (for those who do like paper more, Naoko Ogigami should have published also the book).

Movie poster

Satomi Kobayashi, main actress

  1. I love the rice triangles! Especially when they are wrapped in seaweed!

  2. Polly said:

    Kamome Diner – such a great film! :-)

  3. Yes :)
    we should check if that small place is really a diner by the way :)

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