Some things about branding – Nokia again!

It could be perceived that I am getting mono-thematic.
But I do not think so. I am just in a work-centric mood and it happens that just a couple of hours ago I landed for the daily visit on the pages of Nokia Brandbook.

I am quite sure not many of you know that place nor have ever heard anything about it, but for many out here it is pretty interesting and inspiring.

I wanted to share two videos and a couple of pictures with you. They come straight from the new set of ads and campaign materials of the new Nokia Lumia 800, and they are quite brilliant. I like quite a lot the new concepts and ideas Nokia is coming up with for these new products. Just take a look at the first video to get an idea.

Episode 1: Berlin

Episode 2: London

  1. Polly said:

    I especially like the font of the header :-)

  2. Thank you <3
    I like when you write the emoticons with the nose :)

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